Bespoke coin rings

1917 1 rupee coin Ring


This is a highly decorative and beautiful coin ring.

made from 91.7% silver.

it has a width of 9mm, so it’s a wide and chunky ring, with a heavy reassuring feel.

The mintmark shows that this coin originally came from the Bombay mint.
The outside circle, a wreath made of roses, thistle, shamrock leaves and lotus flowers, all within a toothed border. On the inner side, the words ‘GEORGE V KING EMPEROR’ are clearly visible.

A beautiful piece of history.

97,900,139 of these particular coins were minted at the Bombay mint in 1917

Country India – British
Type Common coin
Years 1912-1936
Value 1 Rupee (1 INR)
Metal Silver (.917)
Weight 11.66 g
Diameter 30.5 mm
Shape Round




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